Paddle for our SEA

It was a beautiful day on Sunday,July 23rd, as 15  paddlers started at 5 oclock in the morning and helped us clean the beach from the airport fence towards Spiros Beach. Filling up more than 30 bags ( around 250 kg ) of rubbish,mostly plastic and glass. Rubbish that would end up in our SEA..Dissapointed to see how many  people litter and how that becomes a habbit.

sup race

The event continued with a very educational discussion with Melina Marcou from the Fishery Department. Explaining in details all about our sea turtles and their nests and also about our monk seals that they are endangered.

Later a SUP Race took place with 26 motivated paddlers, (women, men and kids) paddling 2 km and back with some obstacles on their way. 🙂