Season 2018

March - November

December Closed


Season 2019

Jan - Feb Closed

March 1st - November 30th OPEN


Opening Hours:

March Weekends:7.30-16:00 Weekdays: On-demand.

25 March: open

April Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

May Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

Jun-Sep Mon-Sun 7:00-18:00

Oct Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

1 Oct open

Nov  Weekends: 7:30-16:00 Weekdays: On demand

Our Team
Jörg Grether
Owner & Founder
Windsurf, SUP & Catamaran Instructor
Originating from Germany, Jorg founded Windsurf City Cyprus in 2009 to turn his hobby into a full-time occupation. Over the past years, he has developed the centre to become one of the few internationally recognised windsurf centres in Cyprus.
Having completed the Water Sports Management certificate and the Windsurf Instructor course by VDWS International, Jorg has established himself as an accomplished instructor among the water sports community.
Using his knowledge and expertise, having always safety as a priority, Jorg continues to bring Windsurfing, SUP & Catamaran instruction to the highest level.
German  English  French
Margarita Grether
Marketing Manager
Windsurf & SUP Instructor 
Margarita decided to commit herself to windsurfing when she discovered her love for it in 2014. She followed through by completing the Windsurf Instructor certificate in 2015 in Egypt.
Since then, she has been constantly developing strong skill-sets as an instructor, specifically in teaching kids and empowering women in water sports.
Having 14 years of experience in customer service, Margarita will make sure you that you will feel welcome and happy at the centre.

Greek  English
Robert Grod
Windsurf, SUP & Catamaran Instructor
Coming straight from his homeland, Lithuania, Robert learned windsurfing in 2016. He had made impressive improvements in windsurfing and finally became an instructor under Jorg’s training.

He specialises in teaching kids after acquiring extensive experience in that age category. He enjoys being around kids, ensuring their safety while guaranteeing a fun time. In his free time, he is constantly improving on his windsurfing skills and developing new moves.

Russian  English  Lithuanian
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