Season 2018

March - November

December Closed


Season 2019

Jan - Feb Closed

March 1st - November 30th OPEN


Opening Hours:

March Weekends:7.30-16:00 Weekdays: On-demand.

25 March: open

April Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

May Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

Jun-Sep Mon-Sun 7:00-18:00

Oct Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

1 Oct open

Nov  Weekends: 7:30-16:00 Weekdays: On demand

Never paddled before? That's why we are here!
What isSUP ?

Stand Up Paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is a fun and relaxing activity that mostly everyone can do!

It is a full body workout and at the same time a low impact exercise that combines strength, balance and endurance and also an exciting way to enjoy the health benefits of the sun and the sea!

There are many different types of SUP activities such as:

Touring - for more paddling distances, Cruising - for those who like recreational paddling, Surfing - for catching waves faster by using the paddle, Racing -  for the competitive types out there who love to take the sport to the next level and Yoga - for the mind, body and spirit!



Yes, you CAN PADDLE!
Stand up paddle boarding is an easy sport to learn for people of any age or fitness level and a great activity that families can share and do together!
Why Sup?
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