Season 2018

March - November

December Closed


Season 2019

Jan - Feb Closed

March 1st - November 30th OPEN


Opening Hours:

March Weekends:7.30-16:00 Weekdays: On-demand.

25 March: open

April Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

May Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

Jun-Sep Mon-Sun 7:00-18:00

Oct Mon-Sun 7:30-16:00

1 Oct open

Nov  Weekends: 7:30-16:00 Weekdays: On demand

Windsurfing Lessons
Kids 7-16y
Kids 7-16y

Are you keen to give it a quick try or maybe even commit to a few days of training? Whatever you choose, we will have you up and going in no time!

Bring the kids to the outdoors and introduce them to this amazing water sport! It's fun, safe and easy to learn!

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