windsurfing Cyprus

Full Commitment Private Course € 400

If you want to become a Windsurfer and commit yourself to this amazing Sport, then this is the ideal package for you!


  • With this course you will learn everything you need to know about windsurfing and you will move on from beginner to advanced equipment.
  • Lessons include: Introduction to Equipment, Sailing Theory & Safety Rules, Steering, Tacking and Gybing, Beach Start, using the Harness, how to Rig a Sail and planning in Footstraps.
  • On land and on water coaching.
  • The lessons will be completed in 8- 10 different days. Booking is required.
  • You get 8 hours free rental for practicing what you learn.
  • We provide you with impact vest (mandatory). Beginner Equipment is included.
  • Best time for lessons is around 9 am – 11 am. Booking is required.
  • Price incl. VAT.

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