OPENING DAY March 1st 2021

Reopening with new rules due to Covid-19
covid-19 new rules


We can't assume that we are back to normal, because we are not...So we believe it is our role and responsibility to prioritize the health of our staff and guests.
There are a number of measures we are taking to ensure we manage to safely get through this situation while continuing to offer our services effectively.


  • Hand cleaning with disinfectant products

  • No high five, no handshakes, new greetings "Hang Loose"!

  • Sneezing and coughing only in disposable paper and immediate disposal in a waste basket with cover

  • Avoid touching mouth, nose, eyes with your hands

  • Please inform the staff if you had any contact with infected persons up to that point or if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Please keep distance from the information counter

  • Sanitary facilities open, but only 1 participant per changing room/shower/toilet

  • Private persons cannot move freely on the premises, keep distance of 2 meters from others

  • Participants are asked to leave the premises directly after the course/rental

  • No chairs available on the premises, only deck chairs on the sand with 2 meter distance

  • Kitchen is CLOSED and entry is forbidden



  • Disinfect all material that is touched with your hands, such as booms & SUP paddles before use

  • After the use of Neoprene, wetsuits and life jackets place them in the blue bucket which contains disinfectant water

  • Hang up the suits and life jackets with a certain distance between them

  • Disinfect your hands before using the PEN to sign in and out of the water

  • Avoid close contact with others when preparing your equipment. Keep 2 meters distance. Please respect others and don’t get closer.



  • Course time and any other info are communicated online

  • Group courses are limited to 3 participants

  • Private and family small group lessons (up to max 4-5 persons) are possible
  • In case of material problems, the guest/student should step away to leave enough space for the instructor

  • Instructor and student should keep 2 meters distance

  • Theory lessons can either be very well integrated into the course or can be offered online 

Once again we would like to thank you all for your understanding.
Windsurf City Cyprus Team


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